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The North American Tar Snake (Posteriorus Puckerus) originated in the
northern climates of the United states and has migrated to all corners of the country.
It's breeding grounds are on warm asphalt surfaces. The Tar Snake can range in size from
a mere few millimeters to several kilometers. Like the American Bulldog, they are no longer
able to breed with out the help of humans, where government funding usually pays for the
species' growth.

The skin of the Tar Snake is soft in warm environments, and is very durable, being able
to sustain continuous impacts by motor vehicle tires. The skin, when wet, also can become
very smooth and hazardous to linear-wheeled vehicles. While considered a pest to many motorcyclists,
the Tar snake is here to stay, and requires constant monitoring. The bite of the North American Tar Snake
is often non-fatal, but may require a change of under garments. The use of appropriate safety apparel will often
allow those attacked to escape with nothing more than a red face.



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